Mary Magdalene Sauniere’s Tableau The Altar Painting

Originally written for my book (ISBN 0954188128) – The Lost Gold Mine of Rennes-le-Chateau and partially published for the Rennes Observer magazine together with my web Mary Magdalene !

Here I examine in great detail what is publicly known as Sauniere’s Tableau – The Altar painting in the Rennes-le-Chateau church as of 04/12/2007.

This painting has as the main subject, a picture of Mary Magdalene, kneeling in a cave; however, this is just a blind for the dimensions & scale are hidden in the full profile.

1. Turn picture on its right side down to take a look at the Top rhs (rhs= right hand side) – this is the blue-sky area – Mary Magdalene

  1. There are figures outlined in white looking left, a man with a hat on, a woman with a bonnet. Behind a man half crouched in white with a woman behind him with possibly another woman on rhs-all are looking towards a gold colour. In the back-ground are other figures. There is a smaller person in front of the man.
  2. In the background on lhs, there is an outline of a building. Beyond to the lhs of the strange marks is a figure of a man in gold with arms out-stretched in a gold tunic, as though on a cross. There is another man with hat on beyond him, as though walking down a ramp or footpath. In addition are two men in dark blue gowns..
  3. Underneath are more figures going up a pathway between rocks-this could be a separate picture to above as it alludes to the church-castle complex, with figures dotted around. A lot of white & then a subterranean pathway.
  4. Further over towards the sky is a patch outside with more mountain paths leading off. This area if turned round straight on shows a church like building with some figures on a ledge including a man in white. Underneath him is another subterranean tunnel with a figure & over on rhs, two others with a group inside a cave. Underneath is the RLC landscape, I think. This whole area is highly complex to write down.

2. Over on LHS in USD Mode-USD=Upside Down – Mary Magdalene

  1. The tree is a tunnel leading up to the castle/church & possibly the orangey. There is a lot of activity with small huts, miners, more tunnels leading to a cave on lhs with people & a figure of somebody lying down or sitting with white gown & gold on head-someone tending to him. There is a broader path of white/grey with figures leaning towards it or over it.
  2. Further below is another cave with another figure & others around.
  3. On rhs in USD mode, there is a figure in a chair/throne-someone like a king? Nearby a man on lhs with hat on & possibly another on gold? It is naturally a bit confusing around here!
  4. The skull is not so for there are figures there & possibly a building in the background-mostly in gold.
  5. The open book is composed of figures in gold on one side & someone in a white robe-this could be 2 & 3 dimensional.
  6. Two standing figures are on lhs of a tunnel.
  7. In Blue-centre are a group of people in white with buildings in gold to the back a line of rocks & buildings in middle distance.
  8. Above is very complex with buildings/people & leading to Church tower.
  9. The M & J upturned are entrances to the underground, to the gold & the salt.Further below is another cave with another figure & others around.

3. Left hand down turn-round – Mary Magdalene

  1. Top-on the tunnel is a man figure but no legs are showing & another smaller figure is close by, so it must be a tunnel which links to the part to the right-buildings/people-like a compound with some activity.
  2. Middle-two towers/people.
  3. Background left-three white figures & three dark-a landscape towards a church & other buildings-on the horizon-a walled city; trees & people amongst them.
  4. People walking up the slopes from the horizontal tunnel.
  5. An underground cave; close by a person working in the salt? There is a sort of building over a lake with a lance or probe? Another person is on a ramp & others below.
  6. There is an outline of figures in the “book”.

4. Main Gold, Copper coloured dress etc. – Mary Magdalene

  1. On lhs down, there is a man straddling the pink area with right arm outstretched to the pink, right and left leg crossed & right arm by his side.
  2. In front of 1) above is another person-I think this represents the gold mine-on the top rhs & lhs of the neck are figures-could be like a massive cauldron of molten gold setting continuously being made from the red rock salt.
  3. The pink part is underneath the church-the entrance is on the lhs as usual-maybe someone is there to weigh the ingots.
  4. Maybe the fingers are like paddles.
  5. The gold pillar seems to be fashioned-maybe one of the Egyptian mummies in preparation ?

5. The Face – Mary Magdalene

  1. This is in fact underground. The nose comes up just where the church is located-it follows the usual pattern. The eye is a person. The dark hair, are miners going up/coming down from under the castle & from the church. There is a person fronting the viewer; on rhs of “eye” is a person & a lady in a long dress. To the right of the “chin” are miners-two figures are clear for these are heading for the gold seam. Turning the picture to straight on, I still think that the blue represents a salt lake and the red/brown the rock salt laced by the gold seams either in molten state or being formed by the morph.
  2. The fingers could also be people but it is difficult to be sure for I have said they could be paddles.
  3. The white/pink part-the face is salt.
  4. The “gold garment”-I think it is done in the style of the Habsburgs wedding gown-see previous article. However, also see further notes as I had more time after 2007 to put together more of what I knew about Venus/Aphrodite together with more findings in the RLC church which can be read about later.
  5. The gold figure near the pink part could be a grave/a mummy as a figure is shown clearly next to it in USD mode lhs.

6. Straight On of Sky

  1. There is the outline of the church with presumably the presbytery next door.
  2. The gold section plus J & M can only work in USD mode.

7. USD Mode

  1. This shows the tunnel but below that, there is another picture partly superimposed-that of the church corner & the grotto below, where there is a miner. Below that is the continuation of the tunnel until you get to the gold part-here there is the inverted M= W & J= E without the centre part-these are the entrances to the Gold Mine or form part of it.

This is the way I see this altar painting and I think it is too complicated for Sauniere to have painted it or moulded it. However, this is one of the fundamental features that lead one to realising that all that is shown on the surface, represents at some stage in this riddle, the underground-a landscape hidden from the prying eye. It leads to not only gold but also perhaps more importantly Venus for it is what she represents that will give us the triumph over all others.

As can be seen if you cut your mind off anything previously thought about, the two arms are joined in such a way at her breasts, to show a bird, maybe a goose and then at the “eye”, one of her breasts- a dolphin-both of which indicate symbolically, the Great Mother Goddess. Venus is the Great Mother Goddess who gives life.

Sauniere's Altar painting - Mary Magdalene, kneeling in a cave

You can see plainly at just left top of the skull that there is a figure emerging from the shaft, with lots of others already in the vertical shaft.

This shaft which exits near the castle tower is really deep, as is the one that exits near the church and seems to run down the side of what I call Venus, to the under- side of her chin.

The figure of MM represents Venus-a life force. This is a huge life structure composed of a type of golden filigree interlaced with figures of people as though in some sort of sexual embrace. I am writing more about this later on but just for now, it can be seen that the innocent picture of MM in a cave is far, far way out. Some aspects have been touched on as above but for example the blue sky of the original, is again completely and utterly false as is the idea of the M & J.

You have to use a magnifying glass or convert the picture so that you can expand it-you will then see the picture of what looks like a tower on the right hand side crawling with men, with the lower part, having lots of women in white, with others leading towards the wall of gold and the bright light where the inverted M stands out. What we are witnessing is some form of pre Christian fertility dance, possibly an early form of match-making for sexual reasons. I say this because I have proof from other sources which I will eventually share with you. Venus like Aphrodite and Astarte were goddesses of sacred sex-the occult-a term used to describe desires of lust in the Springtime when the laurel turns green-laurel being evergreen-a sign and symbol of immortality, nevertheless does have green shoots in the springtime as all evergreens do have-pine trees another example.

The siren or prostitute Lilith is often written of and portrayed as a lusty woman, ensnaring men-quite normal here-more can be read of, from any number of sources. This is just a brief outline as to what will follow. The picture of MM-the over emphasis in RLC is but to show her as a prostitute-that is what she was not to venerate her as though she was equal to Christ and a bearer of children-this is complete nonsense. She is there in RLC to emphasize that what we are dealing with is SEX for fun-nothing to do with the priests or the Moon or the Sun for procreation-we are dealing with an issue that preceded all else where having sex with the goddess gave immortality and how women as prostitutes were used-a very dark part of life.

Rennes le Chateau Mary Magdalene

The picture is multi-dimensional which I will elaborate on later. However, the layout of Venus’s clothes can show quite clearly to form of a large bird-a fowl like a goose, with the eye-her left breast and the body, her right shoulder and arm.

Mary Magdalene and Berenger Saunière

Above the right arm is a group of figures moving something-see how clever the designer has been-all hidden until now-although what I am writing for others to benefit is at least 16 years old. Thus the brown part that rises upwards is like a huge shell of some sea creature, emphasizing that Venus came from the sea perhaps. The right arm seems to rise up from the chest are-this I think is where the gold is being made, like bees make honey.

Bas-relief of the church of Rennes-le-Château

Showing the vertical shaft containing figures.

Mary Magdalene Bas relief

The skull is not a skull-it is a cavity containing a body I think. There are some huge tombs on the lower left hand side too..

This is just a prelude, so much more to come and I will demonstrate that what Sauniere found was the greater iceberg where 80% is below the surface. The part for the designers came a lot later-how to conceal knowledge is perhaps nearly equal in knowledge. How to disguise knowledge-that is the problem. One thing is certain it has certainly fooled archaeologists, historians and academics.

This is absolute copyright except for my nominated party-Johan Netchacvitch, who is acting on my behalf.

John R Pollard. Updated 12/04/20222 ©

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